Through the years Ray has made countless illusionary acts. For which he developed the tricks and illusions himself. Created videos and did performances in theaters. Presented them at the table right in front of the spectators their noses. The meaningful stories and explanations create unbelievable moments. All his acts function as a conduit. Be it a company its philosophy or product when used commercially. Or his own unique speeches when done artistically. Let yourself be brought in the spirit of your inquisitive mind. Forget about the puzzle for a second and see the bigger picture.  Whichever you chose you will be very pleased. Based in a city beneath sea-level in the Netherlands. The metaphorical finger was pulled out of the dike. In flooded all the creativity from the waters above. Representing the only constant in the universe : change. An artist with the flexibility of a true worker. Passionate and dedicated. The old website is still online. Due to the use of flash not viewable on most mobile devices. Click here to go there.