The book Trancedirectional Magick (A fair tale) is a finished writing by the Magister. The spirit of the Magister was first encountered when reading the works of Reginald Scott his book : The discovery of Witchcraft. This book is also regarded as the first book on magic that amongst others explains sleight of hand tricks. When one of the spells in the book was cast the spirit of the Magister took over the hand and started to write. They call themselves the Magister. And they have a few spells for us. It was decided to read the book for you in short episodes. Only after the full story is told the book will become available to read. The first video cast of a grimoire connecting the past with the present to create a beautiful future. So mote it be.

Part 19.

Part 18.

Part 17.

Part 16.

Part 15.

Part 14.

Part 13.

Part 12.

Part 11.

Part 10.

Part 9.

Part 8.

Part 7.

Part 6.

Part 5.

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Part 3.

Part 2.

Part 1.